Voices Over the Water Recommended Reading.

To explore the themes of Voices Over the Water more fully, there are many books that will give you a deeper understanding of our historian advisors’ commentary. Here are some that they have written, which gave us inspiration and insight:

Sir Thomas Devine, OBE, Ph.D

Thomas M. Devine, The Great Highland Famine: Hunger, Emigration and the Scottish Highlands in the Nineteenth Century (Birlinn Ltd, 2021)

Thomas M. Devine, Scottish Emigration & Scottish Society (John Donald Publishers, 1992)

Thomas M. Devine, Clanship to Crofters’ War: The Social Transformation of the Scottish Highlands (Manchester University Press, 1994)

Thomas M. Devine, Scotland’s Empire and the Shaping of the Americas (Smithsonian Books, 2004)

Elizabeth L. Ewan, Ph.D

Elizabeth L. Ewan, The New Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women (Edinburgh University Press, 2007)

James Hunter, CBE, FRSE, Ph.D

James Hunter, A Dance Called America: The Scottish Highlands, The United States and Canada (Mainstream Publishing, 2010)

James Hunter, Scottish Exodus: Travels Among a Worldwide Clan (Mainstream Publishing, 2007)

Celeste Ray, Ph.D

Celeste Ray, Highland Heritage: Scottish Americans in the American South (University of North Carolina Press, 2001)

Celeste Ray, Transatlantic Scots (University of Alabama Press, 2005)

Paul Basu, Ph.D

Paul Basu, Highland Homecomings: Genealogy and Heritage Tourism in the Scottish Diaspora (Routledge, 2006)

Eric Richards

Eric Richards, Britannia’s Children: Emigration from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales Since 1600 (Hambledon Continuum, 2004)

Eric Richards, Debating the Highland Clearances (Edinburgh University Press, 2007)

Eric Richards, Destination Australia: Migration to Australia since 1901 (Manchester University Press, 2008)

Michael Newton

Michael Newton, Seanchaidh na Coille / The Memory-Keeper of the Forest (Nimbus Publishing, 2015)

Michael Newton, Warriors of the Word: The World of the Scottish Highlanders (Birlinn Ltd, 2009)

Michael Newton, Duthchas Nan Gaidheal: Collected Essays of John MacInnes (Birlinn Ltd, 2010)