Meet the Team Behind Voices Over the Water.

The international team came together to bring this unique story to as wide an audience as possible.

Advisory Board

The producers’ intent is to provide a responsibly balanced representation of viewpoints. The project has relied upon a broadly-based Advisory Board made up of academics who are prime experts in their fields, as well as actively involved members of the Scottish diaspora.

Our goal is to shed light on what it means to be American where there is also pride in ethnic roots. We explore the history to show why our ancestors made the decisions they did. By investigating the culture of the Scots Gaelic people, we can understand and appreciate their legacy in a multi-cultural society.

production team

Our production crew came from Scotland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, North Carolina and New York. The post-production team are from New York, North Carolina and Texas. Thank you to everyone who brought their expertise and dedication to help bring Voices Over the Water to the screen.

We are honored to have such exceptional talent narrate our script. Their voices lend a depth and meaning that the written word can only indicate and suggest. The decision to include re-enactment can be a powerful creative choice in any documentary. Our cast brought an urgent realism to the words of historical figures.


There were many people in front and behind the camera to create such a rich and varied documentary. Some gave voice to the experience of the Scottish diaspora, some showed pride in their heritage, some gave their time and skill. We express our gratitude to everyone who took part.