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by Voices Over The Water


by Voices Over The Water


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Beautifully done! . . . It’s very entertaining, well-paced . . . I learned a lot.
— Stephanie Zacharek, film critic for Time magazine 
Emigrant Statue
A powerful documentary about Scottish immigration to the U.S.
–Larry Bethune, Scots in New England
Mixed Clan Stone
We were fascinated by the history and the different stories of each person.
— Denise Pinckley, film & TV producer, Love Life, Mysteries of Laura, Manhunt, Julia, Lost Boys

We need to learn all of the history, and from it, to make a better nation in the present and in the future. This film is a good start. We hope there will be others, and that people will not only watch this and other films, but also find and read more books on the subjects. However, let’s start our learning by getting this film on ALL PBS stations and telling family and friends to watch it.

— Tony Becker, AmeriCeltic.net


Brian Cox, Actor, gives an interview

. . . a new PBS documentary film featuring 2023 EMMY award-winning actor Brian Cox that explores the struggles and triumphs of Scottish immigrants to the US. . . glad to support this endeavor.

— Scottish Heritage USA

As a participant in VOTW, I found it to be a captivating exploration of Celtic heritage and the fusion of cultures in America.

— Ernest Gilchrist, participant, commentator, Celtic Life International

Loved what I have seen of this documentary.

–Leslie Denninger, St. Andrew’s Society of the State of New York, New York Caledonian Club

Huge congratulations on the release of their documentary, Voices Over the Water.

–Mary Hoyt Akiyama Kearns, Daughters of the American Revolution

Voices Over the Water is a powerful new documentary . . .

— Scottish-American Women’s Society of Washington D.C.

an overview saltire flags

Save the date for Voices Over the Water, a powerful documentary about Scottish immigration airing soon on a PBS station near you!


–NYC Tartan Week Committee